What Are Some Of The Best Photography Composition Tips?


Although there are no certain fixed rules for photography but however there are some compositions of photography that can bring a new dimension to the specific picture. The above composition depends upon the situation of the photography. A good composition helps to bring out a natural look in a specific photo. Below are discussed some of the best photography composition tips.

Rule of Thirds

The above is a rule in which a specific image is divided in nine equal parts by two vertical and two horizontal lines. The next step is to determine the most important elements in the specific image along those lines. This will help you to give an idea of the position of the eyes when a viewer sees the specific image.

Various angles

Good combination of colors alone cannot make a photo attractive to the eyes of the viewers. You must try to shoot a specific flower from various angles so as to make it more prominent. It will be better if you shoot the photo from a little lower angle and thereby capture the beautiful blue sky along with the flower. This also helps to give a dominant look to the flower.


While taking a specific photo, make sure to keep the image as simple as possible. Simple photos tend to give a distinct and bold impression in the eyes of the person viewing the image. Try to avoid the background of the specific object if it’s not worth clicking. You can sometimes even fill the full frame with the specific object to give it a distinct impression.


You should try to eliminate the items that give an awkward look to the main object. You should try to determine the angle of photography that will help in eliminating those unwanted things from the main object.

Check photography composition

You should have the habit of checking minor details while dealing with the composition of photography. You should be aware that even minute faults can damage a specific image. This can even change the message that you want to convey to your viewers.


To become an expert in photography, you should try to click a wide number of shots of a particular object. This will help in gaining more knowledge in the composition of photography. You should also try to gain knowledge of photography from other people’s work.

You should try to practice a lot and gain new ideas in the field of photography composition.


What Are The Incredible Ways For Amazing Flower Photography?


Are you an amateur photographer? Then you must be having the passion to shoot flowers with the help of advance photographic techniques. You must have required skill and patience to take photos of flowers. One must aim in shooting the flowers that are fresh in a garden or in a flower show. To get the best picture, you must have patience in separating the flowers that have been faded or has turned into irregular shape. Below have been discussed some of the amateur ways for amazing flower photography.

Check weather

The above is one of the important factors while planning to shoot flowers. You should avoid the above photography when the sun is too bright. You must start shooting when the sun is opposite to the main subject. You must also avoid photography when there is too much wind. Because it will result in blur image of the flowers.

Subject Identification

While shooting flowers it is extremely vital to identify the subject that you are going to shoot. Try to decide whether you are going to shoot a bunch of flowers or a specific piece of flower in the whole garden. The type of subject that you are going to emphasize depends upon the creativity of the photographer.

 Flower photography position

The next important factor is to decide about the position of your view point while shooting the photos of flowers. Make sure to shoot closer photos of flowers by getting down on your knees. This will provide a new dimension in the art of photography.

Using patterns

You must use different types of pattern while shooting photos of the flowers. To get best image, it’s important that the photographer considers the flower a shape rather than just simple flower. You must emphasize on the veins of the flowers and also the stem that leads to bud of the flower to get the best possible image.

Subject isolation

You can also get wonderful pictures by isolating the main subject and thereby limiting the focus on its background. The above process will help to make the main subject more prominent.

Detail picture

The above is also an effective approach to get amazing pictures of flowers. After shooting some series of photos of the specific flower, you should aim on getting more detail picture of the subject. This will also help in discovering new ways to shoot multiple photos of flowers.

You must try innovative ways to make the flower photography more appealing to the viewers.

What Are The Various Emotions Of Color Photography?


Have you ever noticed how color can put an impact on the emotion of a specific photography? As an amateur photographer, it’s wise not to get attracted towards the emotion that has been created by the color. You should firstly consider how to shoot the photo in the best possible way.  Below have been discussed some of the emotions of color photography.

Missing subject

Nowadays color in photography has changed the way people used to look at photos. All reputed newspapers and magazines use color photos to make a specific content more attractive for the readers. Although the color photos have become popular among the people but still there are some negative effects of color in photography. For instance if a viewer praises only about the color in the photography then it implies that he/ she has missed out the real subject for which the photo has been clicked.

Good composition

A photo just having attractive color cannot be termed as a unique one until it has a good composition. It’s useless framing a photo that does not obey the rules of photography.

Replace color photography

Nowadays people have started admiring the use of black and white in the field of photography. Many photos are nowadays found with partly color and the other part having a black and white color. While experimenting with the above procedure one should take care about the emotion of the viewers. The photo should not portray a bad image in the minds of the people. For instance a family photo having a new born baby in black and white color may not be acceptable by his/ her mother as it represents death. But the same photo with bright color depicts a new life being brought in the new world.

Emotional connection

A specific color may depict different meaning in different places and cultures. For instance a white gown may be wedding dress for some culture but at the same time it is also a dress that is meant to be worn in funeral ceremony. A color can express different views for different people. For example the color red may represent destruction, loss and fear in the mind of the people but at the same time the red color is a symbol of love, passion and romance.

One should take care of the emotion of the viewers while shooting color photography. As a good photographer it’s wise not to get attracted towards the emotion of color, rather than use color to make the photo attractive.

What You Need To Know About ISO Photography?


Photography nowadays is a very trending topic. Lots of people nowadays are choosing it as their profession and many people are taking it up as a hobby. If you want to be good in photography then you must have discipline and a good concept of light. Having proper lighting is most important criteria in taking a good picture. Proper exposure is critical as it collects light to define the texture of the picture. To have a proper exposure you should have a good grasp on shutter speed, aperture and ISO.

How ISO Photography Works

ISO can be defined as measurement of sensitivity of a sensor to light, it is also known as ASA. Basically what special about ISO, is that it minimizes the time taken for shutter giving you enough time to take the shot. For example, if you are trying to shoot pictures without a tripod you will need to increase your ISO settings, which are generally set to 100 – 200. You should increase the ISO setting which will decrease the time your camera will take to collect light.

There are different level sets in ISO photography, they are 100,200,400,800, etc. As you increase the settings level your camera will take the pictures faster and have better resolution. Suppose you want to take a picture of a moving object, then you feel that your shutter speed is not enough. You need to increase the Setting level of ISO to get the perfect shutter speed.

The concept of ISO greatly helps in cases of low light shooting as well. The main problems you would face in low light shootings are the bad lighting, low shutter speed. You can simply raise the shutter speed by increasing the ISO level and get your desired depth of field.

Some cameras have automatic ISO feature present in it. If you set your camera on Auto it will automatically adjust your ISO settings and shutter speed to get a good exposure. This feature will help your picture in getting the perfect texture. The automatic ISO feature does not always use the full range of the camera so it might be required for you to increase it.

Problems with ISO

Increasing ISO will decrease the time to collect light but also increase the noise in a picture. Noise in pictures may be defined as disturbances in the picture quality in the form of speckle-y patterns. When you increase the ISO level, signals coming out of sensors are also amplified as well as the disturbances are also amplified. The amount of noise depends from camera to camera. So to overcome this problem you need to keep practicing ISO photography.

5 Interesting Techniques For Amazing Photography

larfe - amazing
There are different interesting tricks and techniques for some amazing photography. If you are a beginner then surely read this and you will get a vivid idea about different techniques.

Different tips for amazing photography

1. Black and White Photography

It is very easy to convert any picture into black and white with the help of different software like adobe photoshop. The impact of the black and white photography is really great and nice.

2. Panoramic Photography

This is a photography in which one picture is made up of several photographs stitched together to form one. This is generally used in the landscape photography but you can use this even for different purposes according to your preferences and perspective.

3. Motion Blur Photography

This is a mode which shows the speed and amazing bright light streaks can be seen in these photographs. You can create this in photoshops but it is better if you can use it in a real way using camera features and modes. You take pictures of the cars in the high ways with low shutter speed and this will give you a nice colour streak with the blur. You can even try this is waterfalls.

4. HDR

HDR or high dynamic range photography is really interesting. You can click different photographs and late change it into HDR with the help of different software available. With the help of this you will get the sky and ground getting equal exposure but it is not real. Still the image looks awesome and really wonderful.

5. Macro Photography

It is one of the most amazing styles of photography which is really addictive. This will allow you to look at the world totally in a different perspective. You need a macro lens for this to get the closest view of the object and capture some minute details which cannot be noticed normally. You can click pictures of the small insects or even the flower’s pollen and many such abstract things that you can see in daily life.

So, if you are a photography enthusiast and want to explore the different fields and techniques of the photography then begin with these 5 tips. These are basics but work amazingly and can give you some breathtaking pictures that you will surely love. To click some amazing photography you will need these tips as a beginner. So start clicking different pictures in all these 5 modes and get great snaps for yourself.


Effective Underwater Photography Tips For Beginners


Though many people can take great pictures on land he or she fails to click good pictures inside the water. This article is for the ones who are new to this underwater photography. Many people face a lot of problems while clicking pictures in this totally different environment. Well, read on as this will guide you to take better pictures.

Problems Faced

If you have tried clicking pictures in the water then most probably you have faced problems like –

  • The pictures are covered with dots and circles
  • The pictures lack colours and look mainly bluish green or blue in colour.
  • Sharpness and contrast is lacking between the subject and background
  • Blurred pictures with poor clarity.

Solutions and tips for underwater photography

The blue effect in the picture is generally because of not using the camera flash. Even if you use the flash from too far then also the result will be bluish. The main problem in the water is that it absorbs a lot of light and warmer colours like yellow and red. Red will totally get vanish if you click the pictures from a distance of 12 to 15 feet.

If you are using the flash then remember that the light has to fall on the object and then come back to the lens. For this you have to be 5 feet away from the object and more than that to make the flash work effectively.

Another problem of dots and circles in camera is because of the tiny particles that are present in the water. When the flash falls on them and gets reflected your pictures get small white dots like snow. The main problem is using the internal flash which is situated near the lens and reflects the light back to lens. But if you use an external flash then you will not face this problem. Even you can use diffuser to reduce the dots and circles.

You will know that water is denser than that of air and that is why clicking pictures inside the water lose the sharpness and contrast. The only solution for this is to go nearer to the object and click the pictures. You will get better sharpness and contrast for both the background and object. Though you can add little bit sharpness and contrast later during the editing and processing the photos.

So, these are the basic underwater photography tips for the beginners who are interested in underwater photography. These will surely help you a lot.

Top 6 Most Popular Types Of Photography

wildlikfe - origina

Photography has instigated new type of passion or hobby for many people across the world. More and more people are stepping behind the lens of the camera and capture whole world in their own perspective of view. There are different types of photography which you can specialize on.

Photography as career or hobby

There are many people who want to take photography as their profession and many have taken it as a great pastime or hobby. If you have already decided your career in photography then make yourself specialized in any one type or you can even try all.

But if you are interested casually and continue it as hobby then try different photography types. It is really a great time pass and you will get relaxed and enjoy visiting different place and capturing different moments with the help of your camera.


Different types of photography

There are 6 most popular types but this is not the only ones. There are many varieties as well in which you can take part as well –

1. People

The subject ‘people’ is quite interesting and is one of the oldest trends which are followed for many decades. Capturing different people and their lifestyles is really great. You can even capture people of different religions and sections from our society. This is a vast field and you will get varieties of ideas regarding this.

2. Wildlife

This one of the most interesting photography. For this you will need powerful cameras and especially professional photographers choose this as their career. Different animals, species and beautiful birds are captured as the main subject in this type of photography.

3. Nature

Many beautiful, breath taking pictures can be clicked. While you are travelling from one place to another you can click varieties of pictures depending on surroundings. For example mountains, flowers, river, garden etc. It is one of the most beautiful types of photography that you will love to click and cherish.

4. Fashion Photography

This type is mainly conducted by the advertisers and the magazines. Here the photographers capture different glamorous models and fashion items etc. This is mainly a glam photography involving a lot of makeup, lights and beautiful clothing.

5. Wedding Photography

This is another type of photography which generally captures different rituals and customs of the wedding. It also captures the bride and the groom in different pose in order to capture their most beautiful and auspicious day.

6. Abstract Photography

This has gained a lot of popularity lately and many people are opting for this. Capturing different things and products randomly is the main theme of this photography.